Dynamic pistol 1

Whether a new shooter, combat veteran, or competitor, GHSS Dynamic Pistol 1 is designed to be an ambitious endeavor with a wealth of knowledge provided to students. Course content is for all levels of shooters looking to improve their skills. This course provides the foundation for ALL future firearms training, including tier 2 GHSS courses. Subjects covered below:

- Safety

- marksmanship fundamentals

- 4-step draw

- combat reloads

- economy of motion

- rapid fire

- target transitions

- cadence

- shooting & moving

- barrier/cover usage

- intro to room clearing

- stress shoots


dynamic Pistol 2

This course builds on the fundamentals covered in previous courses. Like Dynamic Pistol 1, progression based and fast paced. Shooters will be challenged to shoot and move under stress while continuing to further develop skills necessary to eliminate targets.


-Review of fundamentals

-Multi Target Engagements

-Single hand techniques

-Target identification

-After action sequences

-Tactical Mindset

-Introduction to multi room clearing

-Multiple stress shoots