dynamic Rifle 1

This course focuses on the the fundamentals and building of a strong foundation, much like the GHSS Dynamic Pistol 1 course. The key difference being the weapon platform employed. Compared to other systems, rifles are extremely versatile, and provide the operator with unique capabilities. In this course, we expose students to a variety of fundamentals and techniques to maximize their efficiency with a rifle - for targets both near and far. Subjects covered below:

- zero

- marksmanship fundamentals

- ready positions

- combat reloads

- malfunctions

- multiple-shot methods

- multi-target engagement

- cadence

- introduction to movement

- alternative/barrier positions

- intermediate distances (150 meters)

- stress shoots


Dynamic rifle 2

*Dynamic Rifle [1] is a prerequisite for this course

Dynamic Rifle [2] is the second tier in our Dynamic Rifle training series. Students will expand on techniques learned in Dynamic Rifle [1] and introduce new drills and skills.