Do you get a ccw?

Not at this time, currently all of our pistol courses focus on OWB [outside Waist Band] techniques.

Where are you located?

We primarily hold courses at the WSRC [World Shooting and Recreation Complex]located at 1 Main Event Lane, Sparta, Illinois 62286

We are also able to hold private courses at various locations.

When are classes?

The class schedule is listed under the course tab.

What do I need to bring?

There is a required and suggested packing list for each course located under each course page.

Do I need my own gun?

We recommend that you bring and train with your own personal equipment, There is a package available in our Basic Firearm course that includes weapon and ammo.

How long are classes?

Each course length varies. It is a full range day, roughly 7+ hours.

Can I show up late?

No. The mandatory safety brief is at the beginning of the day. Students who miss the safety brief will not be allowed to participate

Do I need to bring a lunch?

A light lunch is provided, but we recommend bringing snacks/ drinks.

Is there an age restriction?

Students ages 14-17 require permission from parent/legal guardian.

are there breaks throughout the day?

Yes, there are multiple breaks built into the course as well as a lunch break. Restrooms are also readily available and areas for extreme hot/cold weather.

what is the student to instructor ratio?

This is dependent on the class size. It is typically 3:1.